How much is it to rent the Tipsea Trailer?


After we confirm that your date is available, we will need to know the following details:

  • the number of guests you estimate to host

  • Will you need to stock it?. We do not provide this.

  • Will you need a bartender? We do not provide this.

  • Our trailer is an old used repurposed horse trailer, we cannot stress to you enough the rough funky exterior of the trailer, once lit up and decorated it really looks great, BUT it is not Bright and shiny by any means.

  • Do you need decorations? greenery? banners? custom bunting, candles? These are all available at an extra charge.

  • Do you need a cooler? We can provide this at an extra charge.

  • themed or no themed event

  • the location of your event

  • Actual location on your property to be discussed. Is there enough space? Is it flat? Our bar opening is on the LEFT side of the trailer. Our trailer is pulled by a large van, The van needs to pull in to the area unhitch and come back out again. Please be advised if you do not have the space for this then do not order the trailer. We cannot work miracles.

  • Sometimes its very hard to get the trailer on an angle please be aware of this when booking. It is a horse trailer it goes forwards and backwards, it does not have 4 wheel drive, it is not good on wet ground. It is very heavy. It is 90" wide.

  • Are there any obstacles in the way of the trailer ( planters, fences, gates, bushes, statues, etc ) that would cause delivery problems? if so kindly remove any obstacles.

  • We cannot refund any rental party fees within 48 hours of the booking due to weather or other similar issues.

  • We do not refund the deposit within 7 days of cancelling.

  • When we show up to deliver the trailer and there is not an allocated space for it that is free from obstacles or obstructions the booking will be cancelled.

  • Gratuities are not included.


The details listed above determine the rental price. Rental prices can range from $175 an hour to $200 an hour, or we can work with you on a flat rate for multiple hours. We drop off the trailer to you prior to your event so you can get it decorated, prepped and stocked and ready.

All rentals include 20 miles of travel, from Norwalk CT, all additional miles after that are charged to the client.


Does the Tipsea Trailer come with a Bartender? No the client is required to staff and stock the trailer.

But saying that we can point you in the right direction.


If the client is in need of Custom Roadie Cups or paper goods for their event, The Tipsea Trailer would be happy to provide at an extra charge.


Do you provide alcohol? No. We are a "dry hire" bar. To be in accordance with Connecticut law, all alcohol and beverages (or any consumable like ice and garnishes) must be provided by the event coordinator (ex. the party or event host the bride and groom) or through a third party (ex. your event caterer). Contact us with your event details and we will help find the best option for you!


Can we decorate the rented trailer to match the decor at our event?

Any decorations that do not include fire, nails, glue, or objects that will damage the trailer can be used to decorate. We can decorate the trailer for you for an extra charge. Ask about our themes, floral garlands, fire pit rental, beaches etc.

Can we rent a trailer for an event, not serving alcohol such as a photo shoot or promotional event?

Of course! Just contact us and we will work to accommodate.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy ?

We require a 50% deposit to confirm your booking. The remaining payment is due one week before the event date.

Refunds are provided if you cancel 60 days from your event date.

50% of the deposit if you cancel more than 30 days from your event.  Since our seasons book in advance, it’s hard to fill late cancellations so, unfortunately, cancellations made within 30 days of your event will not be refunded. We can however work with you to reschedule your event.

Rain Cancellation Policy
In the event of rain, or bad weather a customer can reschedule the booking without any charge the day before the event prior to delivery of our Trailer.

However, if the Tipsea trailer has been delivered to your location then there will be NO REFUND. 

We are ready to book, what next?

Let us know you are ready, and we will send over a contract. For the deposit, we accept check, cash or an online payment through PayPal. All PayPal payments are subject to a service fee.

Jo & Krissy

Hi How are you. 

   So excited you found us.

   We documented every part of our renovation and transformation.


Yes it was originally a rusted out horse trailer and we renovated it in about 6 weeks, Myself and My partner and good friend Krissy Guttroff and our husbands Gardner and RJ  (to their dismay) had to have it ready for our event Thanksgiving weekend.

After a trip home to Cornwall England this summer  we saw a few at some festivals we were visiting,  I absolutely fell in love with it, the look , the idea, and decided to find one for us to renovate.
Was originally looking for the European style Horse box but could not get ahold of one here in the North East.

We found the trailer on Craigslist, being sold in Long Island we grabbed our coffees and took the car ride over to see it. Could we really make this happen? Well we did.

Before we bought it we had to find a place to do the work to it as neither of our houses had the space for it and it had to be somewhere clean and dry so we called everyone we knew and came up with our friend Mike who was housing all the local food trucks in the area close to our homes in a big warehouse it was perfect.

I wanted to call it the Tipsy Trailer, and Krissy added the fact that as we are beside the water and serving coastal Long island sound customers so we should change the ‘SY’ to ‘SEA’ in the name.

Its a 1974 Stidham 2 bay pony trailer that was used to pull Miniature Horses and Prize winning Pigs. 
We have a whole load of pictures with every step of the transformation a lot of them we put on our here already

Firstly we gave it a good power washing and removed the center metal divider down the middle, we have quite a funny video of this, we then had Gardner cut out the steel feeding troughs in the front and a few blades and curse words later they were out.We had a lot of rust to deal with, lots of scraping and sanding and coating. 

The interior we had Carlton Bavor, our welder help us fill some patches that were too far rotten away for repair.
He did a fantastic job and filled in the rear window that we no longer needed as that would be the Bar shelves.
We removed and cut out the old windows that were old, cracked and dirt ridden.

Needed some new exterior light covers that I was so excited to have found on eBay.
We had a few dents that we had to fill with bondo and more sanding and scraping before priming with spray paint cans. Our kids got involved and it was really a family affair.

Then it looked like a smoker.

The shelves we found an old wood table by the dumpster that we cut in half and sanded down. 
We took a road trip up to Board Silly in Ridgefield CT and picked out some live edge wood pieces in dark walnut that we lacquered the hell out of for a shiny bar top and great accent piece.

RJ had the Sprayer so we sprayed the trailer outside in 30 degree weather as all of a sudden we had an abnormal cold front roll in so we moved it outside so we didn’t spray paint any of the other food trucks in the warehouse. He did an amazing job, it was starting to look like our Tipsea Trailer at last.

We had picked out our old barn wood look laminate flooring for the walls, we needed something easy to wipe clean. We had a lot of driftwood pieces that we weren’t using in our garage that my husband Gardner used for a counter and supports for the shelves and the table its legs are an old tree limb from Vermont.
We had a lot of Plywood to lay down first to have something to attach everything to. 
We put in a aluminum sheeting ceiling to reflect the light of our string lights as the trailer has no power itself.

Got some advice from some other food truck vendors Particularly Mike from Lobster Craft, and they said we would need a triple sink which was so hard to find a kit for our trailer, endless searching on the internet we decided to put it together by ourselves, RJ, Krissy’s husband offered so we bought the sink and he did the rest, we wanted a Propane set up as we thought it would be good if someone wanted to rent the trailer in a middle of a field and then someone told us it wasn’t a safe thing so we panicked and went with the electric pump set up. The Propane one is still in Krissys car BTW.
The sink manufacturer on eBay ( JK Fabrication )that sold us the sink was so helpful and gave us a list of all the things we needed for the set up. After some trial and error it was ready the day before our first event.

Gardner put in the back table counter to accommodate the sink and enough room for a 2 keg set up and co2 tank and taps. Krissy and I made a little curtain to hide all the stuff underneath.

Us girls and the kids carried on with the paint touch up and the kids helped us spray the interior a nice shiny metallic silver.
We replaced the windows and trim which was an absolute nightmare as you couldn’t drill into the metal.

We made a vinyl sign for the trailer with my personal vinyl cutter machine.

Got the exterior lights rewired and we were ready for business.

   We need to stress we did mostly all of the work to this ourselves I would say 90 % serious elbow grease and 10% $$. All of it was

   done by ourselves and our husbands with a little help from the Welder.


The Tipsea Trailer is a party prop that we rent to people or businesses.  We offer clients drop off and pickup, lighting hookup, sink hookup, Roadie cups and bev naps and we dress the trailer up in seasonal trimmings like for Holiday we have 🌲 Garland, wreath and holly berries.
Our Trailer is a dry hire. the client is responsible for the staffing and stocking the trailer and any other permits its up to them, we do not need a liquor license, any permits the client applies for.

Thank you so much.


   Joanne, Gardner Gray and Krissy Guttroff.